Saturday, 24 October 2015

Hit producer

Another Irish title that creeps into cinemas without much notice. This one is a crime movie featuring Michelle Doherty in the lead role. Similar to the obscure Gobshite: lots of ugly men, dialogue driven, fast paced, crude violence, nauseating camerawork, and instantly forgettable. She plays a part-time hit woman with the day job as a movie producer. It's the portrayal of the jerks involved in the film business that stands out. The rest of the movie is like watching a collection of lads who dropped out of school and did nothing with their lives before deciding to become 'actors'. Anytime a shooting arrives it's rushed, you won't care who gets killed, there's the obligatory establishing shot every ten minutes (with sped up footage of cars), a confusing storyline that you won't care about, and an overlong running time. As soon as the opening credits started with the music volume turned down in the mix I knew what to expect! If the Sunday World newspaper was to give away an Irish movie free on DVD this is the one they'd distribute.

Title: Hit producer
Genre: Gangster
New/old: New
Cinema/DVD: Cinema

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