Monday, 27 March 2017

Secret scripture

Another title that's flat and unoriginal with scenes and themes taken from several movies already reviewed on this blog (Love and savagery, This is my father, Daughter of Darkness). The story is quite moving (and upsetting) but director Sheridan with his usual movie-of-the-week-for-TV style ruins it. An old woman in a closing institution looks back on her life where she moves to the West (from the North), met a soldier, had his baby, yet everyone think it was the local priest's! There's a secret with her doctor to get uncovered and the film handles this part badly. Why didn't the vicar who wed the couple get contacted to prove the marriage was valid? Why did the local IRA kill the pilot? Compared to what was going on in other parts of Europe at the same time this isn't a serious tragedy. Like a lot of these films I've no doubt the book it was based on is far superior. Add in the usual miscast faces, a terrible piano soundtrack, and one short scene after another, this is the usual tripe which soaks up funding yet leaves the viewer (me) unhappy. It could have been made back in 1995 and wouldn't look out of place.

Title: Secret scripture
Genre: Romance
New/old: New
Cinema/DVD: Cinema


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