Saturday, 24 October 2015

Shooting for Socrates

Not sure why anyone would make a movie about Northern Ireland's disastrous World Cup performance in 1986 but here it is! Better than the other Irish titles (Best, Studs) but appears contrived and flat. Probably sounded good on paper but poorly executed and unsure of its point? What's the connection with footballer Socrates anyway? Similar in production values to Killing Bono: stays in first gear; worse than it sounds; set in the past but with present day values/nostalgia; local 'characters'; mildly funny; lots of songs on the soundtrack; celebrates failure; and a feel good vibe. Some good parts were the Protestant players visiting a Catholic church in Mexico to light candles, the kid crying at the end, the SLF covers on the soundtrack, and the manager accepting bribes from the press for interviews with his players. Best part was it explains where that 'We're not Brazil we're Northern Ireland' chant came from. One annoyance was the referent to 'Southern Ireland' in the continuity credits - there's no such place, it's just 'Ireland' (check the Constitution). Also, why does EVERYONE in these Northern Ireland movies live in terraced homes? Have they no bungalows/semis/apartments up there?

Title: Shooting for Socrates
Genre: Football
New/old: New
Cinema/DVD: DVD

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