Sunday, 6 May 2018

Michael inside

Yet another prison movie from the Film Board this one is about a young guy who gets sucked into the system. He fails to hide a bag of drugs and gets sentenced. The dealers come after his granddad who has to pay them money. The prisoner gets attacked and has to learn to stand up for himself. Then he gets out and has to face up to the dealer. Shot like a documentary it's slow in pace which only works in the prison scenes. The usual weak music on the soundtrack that you'll hear in every second Irish movie. The ending didn't make much sense; surely the dealers would have gone after him rather than get the police involved? The best thing about this movie is it's well cast. Other that that it's routine and no match on similar films like Scum and Penitentiary. The violent scenes are too brief and not effective. This picture is too restrained and has nothing to say. The young man is too passive and seems to be responsible for his own misfortunes.

Title: Michael inside
Genre: Crime
New/old: New
Cinema/DVD: Cinema


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