Thursday, 19 March 2015

Betrayal of trust

Another in the worst ever of Irish film genres: the church exposé. Like Conspiracy of silence this one has a crap title, soap-opera acting, bad lighting, bad camera work, awful music, and a general lameness where you know exactly what's going to happen in most scenes. A woman informs a family that a local Belfast priest is abusing the kids, the church tries to cover it up, the police get involved, a TV crew get involved, other people come forward, this priest escapes to the Republic, he then goes back to face trial, receives a lenient sentence, it's discovered that orders from decades earlier to keep him away from children were ignored, and then the end. Only the mother and the Dick Spring lookalike were any good. The rest of the movie is terrible. For some reason it's out on DVD where far better Irish titles are lost forever.

Title: Betrayal of trust
Genre: Religion
New/old: Old
Cinema/DVD: DVD

Monday, 9 March 2015


Leprechaun - the one with Jennifer Aniston

Leprechaun 2 - the romance one

Leprechaun 3 - in Las Vegas

Leprechaun in space - science fiction

Leprechaun in tha hood - rap version

Leprechaun back to tha hood - can't find this one on DVD, so not yet reviewed

Leprechaun origins - back in Ireland

Leprechaun's revenge - the one with the four green horseshoes!


Another year, another Irish-American release. This one has a wedding party visit the old country and travel from Dublin to Clare. The best man and chief bridesmaid don't get along but you'll never guess what happens by the end of the movie? Much humour from how the Americans adjust to Ireland: the weather, breakfast, roads, pubs, etc. The script is good but nothing else is, including dreadful camera work and direction. Many scenes have characters appear out of nowhere and step into shot. Some funny stuff include watching the football game from 1994 and the cranky landlady. Strictly straight-to-DVD material but worth a look.

Title: The yank
Genre: Road
New/old: New
Cinema/DVD: DVD


Rather sad article in today's Irish Independent newspaper about Ireland's most overrated female film director. She's been abroad...