Saturday, 13 October 2012


To follow on from the below post - if some Irish director did get round to making a film about our recession it would probably star Brenda Fricker as a depressed wife of a man who lost his business and emigrates. Done in a bland TV style with sh-t music in every second scene and kids crying in the airport. What would not happen is a film done in the social realist style. Count these films: Pigs/Pavee Lackeen/Four days in July. That's THREE Irish films made in this style since year one! So what's the problem? We've got the stories, we've got the anger, we've got the desolate areas. We've even got the short films done in this style. Where are the Irish feature films about our recession? They're cheap to make, don't require big-name actors, and can be done with a small crew. Is this the problem? Do these films require too much depth of character and emphasis on exploring society instead of impressing the viewer with cinematography? Is Irish cinema set up to make technically-good but bad films? How out of touch can a country's cinema really be? When historians look at Nazi Germany they can learn about that era from the movies made there (Jew Suss). When future historians look back on 2012 they will ask: 'Why were so many Irish horror films made that year?'

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