Monday, 15 October 2012


Is it? This famous British cult film from the 1980s deals with two similar but mismatched people who are put into a strange environment with mostly comical results. How many Irish movies use this idea? Zonad Two men escape from a hospital and fool a village that they're aliens. WC Two brothers work for each other mainly in a toilet. Wide open spaces Two men operate a famine theme park in the middle of nowhere. Beyond the pale Two men emigrate to America and try to do well. Disappearance of Finbar Two former friends meet again in Scandanavia. Kisses Two children run away from home and hang out in Dublin city centre. Five minutes of heaven Two former terrorists meet up in a hotel in Northern Ireland. Eamon A woman and her partner fall out at a beach house. Headrush Two lads travel to the Netherlands to buy drugs. Inside I’m dancing Two wheelchair-bound young men move into their own home. Happy ever afters A woman marries a black man for money and heads to the hotel reception. Book that wrote itself A woman makes a documentary about a man travelling around Ireland. Blind flight Two men are locked up together abroad. Summer of the flying saucer Two aliens land in a village in 1960's Ireland. Crooked mile A medical dropout travels to Tramore with a young girl. Honeymooners A man dumped at his wedding travels to Donegal with a female hitchhiker. In Bruges Two criminals visit Belgium to do a job. Dead long enough Two Welsh brothers travel to Northern Ireland to meet an old girlfriend. Adam and Paul Two junkies visit Dublin city centre to buy drugs. Killing Bono Two brothers move to England to start a rock band. Parked A homeless man and a junkie meet each other in a seaside carpark. When Harvey met Bob A rock singer and a promoter meet up to put on Live Aid. I went down A pair of ciminals bring a man from Cork to Dublin. Kiss for Jed A filmmaker follows a young Irish woman around New York.

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