Monday, 5 March 2018


With current Irish films about as popular as a Lisdoonvarna asylum seekers' centre, STC outlines what's absent from our cinema.

1. Ignore the awards
The best films don't win awards and talented filmmakers don't make films to win silly IFTAs. STC won't even watch that rubbish anymore.

2. No more horror films
Irish horror movies are like Irish indie bands: bland, unoriginal, dull, forgettable, and not that good.

3. Films with low budgets
Not cheaply-made stuff trying to look expensive but films that don't need a lot of money to produce e.g. contemporary dialogue movies.

4. Classical music
Not just orchestral stuff but proper classical music. Plenty of older Irish composers with good music: Stanford, Field, Balfe. Why don't Irish movies use their music? This would raise the film up a notch.

5. Life
Irish films area mostly dull to watch, carefully composed scenes drawing attention to themselves with bad lighting. Lifeless and over-directed. Good films contain energy and movement.

6. Quantity
With some of our most overrated directors averaging about one feature per decade it's daft that the technology is there but there's still such little output. The easier it is to make movies the less get produced here?

7. Realism
Not gritty gangster movies but films that tackle every-day life with real people and their problems.

8. Saying something new
Films that have an interesting perspective to convey; not some character trying to overcome a disability or reach their wedding on time.

9. Taking the piss
What do films by Fellini, Leigh, Greenaway, Russell, Altman, Jarmusch, Antonioni, and Chabrol all have in common? They make fun of the characters and settings.

10. Originality
Has there ever been an Irish film that's not based on another from abroad? Something different that you've never seen before?

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