Saturday, 9 September 2017

Drummer and the keeper

Another mismatched two-hander this one is set in the music scene and involves mental health issues. The drummer is supposed to be bipolar yet is always miserable throughout the movie. The (goal)keeper has Aspergers yet this syndrome gets disproved in the movie. The rest of the film is dull and has lots of Fat lady sings-piano music. Nothing original and references various similar Irish movies: goths at the table; doctor's meeting, band falling out. Nothing new and runs along at a drab pace. Aimed at undemanding teenagers this is underwhelming and unoriginal. The opening scene sets the tone: a couch gets set on fire on a beach. That's supposed to be the hook that grabs you into this movie but doesn't. Another example in Irish cinema of mediocre, lame, lifeless, bland, derivative, predictable filmmaking. There's no story, it's more character-based but these people are too boring to make you care.

Title: The drummer and the keeper
Genre: Drama
New/old: New
Cinema/DVD: Cinema

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