Saturday, 1 July 2017

Halal daddy

Who says Irish cinema lacks intelligence! To celebrate our new Muslim community here's a movie set in Sligo about a slaughterhouse. It's the kind of effort that Damien O'Donnell might have directed 15 years back. Sadly, this one is badly made, unfunny, has stupid characters, uneven scenes, too many establishing shots, lots of crap indie songs on the soundtrack, and a story you won't care about. It's too slight and lame. The funny scenes aren't funny, the dramatic scenes aren't dramatic, the romance scenes aren't romantic. This is the kind of crap we have to look forward to with our new multicultural society. Like it was directed by a committee, a lot of it doesn't make sense - what's the chance of a Muslim from Bradford in England coming over here and dating a middle-class Irish girl? Even better, Deirdre "Take in as many refugees as possible and then decide how to deal with them" O'Kane is in it. It's stupid and offensive to intelligent viewers who don't share the PC outlook of the filmmakers. Yet another Irish movie explaining why not to visit crap towns in the West.

Title: Halal daddy
Genre: Comedy
New/old: New
Cinema/DVD: Cinema


  1. No Cardboard Gangsters review?
    No Demon Hunter?
    Fair enough Demon Hunter is a small film but Cardboard Gangsters is the most successful Irish movie of the year
    Whilst I feel I probably disagree with your politics I appreciate the honest responses to Irish films (even if I love horror).

  2. Do you reply to comments?



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