Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The good, the average, and the rubbish of 2016

Another year gone, and another forgettable one for Irish cinema. Less than ten Irish releases reviewed, probably missed a few titles (which made zero impact) and there were several non-Irish themed movies made here which automatically got ignored by this blog. So, here's a rundown of what this site watched/endured:

Siege of Jadotville - another title for the top ten list of the decade
Date for Mad Mary - Amy Huberman wasn't in this one because its female cast would show how average her acting skills are!

My name is Emily - no-one liked this one much but I did. Enjoyable enough road movie.
Sing Street - overrated movie but still watchable. Why didn't it feature Anastasia screamed (1980's rock band) and then the whole country could hear where the director's old band got its 'original' sound from!

Wild Goose Lodge - no other site will mention this movie when reviewing the year because no-one else has seen it!
Young offenders - essential viewing for 15-year olds, and Cork people
Mammal - can't remember much about this one, except it was sh-te!
Traders - it's doesn't matter how impressive the directing/acting/camera work is. If its characters are unlikeable then so will be the movie.
Truth commissioner - another piece of crap I can't remember! Some kind of Nordie political thriller which ends up as neither.

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