Saturday, 5 December 2015

Christmas star

It's Legend of Longwood again! Aimed at kids but has a confusing story, bad direction, ugly cast, scenes that don't cut together, well made but below average, and everyone giving their best but this tires the audience. A Northern Irish man returns to his area from the USA. He tries to trick the locals into selling their globe factory so he can build a theme park. A little girl born on the 25th December who can perform small miracles tries to stop him. There's not much about Christmas here and the story is daft and contrived. Why does Brosnan phone from America yet the little girl has no mobile phone when her parents search for her? What's with the strange guy with no hand? Why is there a woman giving birth in a barn in the opening scene when it's supposed to be a movie for kids? Why do the two bad guys run away when the kids blow whistles? A lot of this stuff is too silly and doesn't make sense. It's like bits from other bad movies: for example when where the kids invade Stormont and it's on the telly we're shown scenes of outsiders watching on TV cheering them on. It's happy-clappy crap aimed at stupid people with nothing new to make it memorable.

Title: Christmas star
Genre: Kids
New/old: New
Cinema/DVD: Cinema

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