Thursday, 8 May 2014

Songs for Amy

Strange that this is currently on release without any fanfare? It's certainly not terrible though is bad in parts. A singer fails to turn up for his wedding, the bride-to-be (Amy) emigrates, she gets engaged to another singer, and then the wedding just happens to take place in the same hotel that the first singer inherits! Safe to say even our Film Board wouldn't fund this contrived rubbish! Yet, despite being too long this movie has something: it's certainly watchable, you can guess what happens, some of the comedy is good (the sexy traveller women!), everyone makes an effort, the scenery is impressive, and the characters are likeable. There's a good party scene with rock group Alabama 3! Like Vox humana it's a music movie set in Galway City with several locations used. A bit of everything here: romance, comedy (the sex tape was hilarious!), road, and music (bland rock) - that's why it got such bad reviews elsewhere. The kind of movie that would do well at some 5th-rate American festival!

Title: Songs for Amy
Genre: Romcom
New/old: New
Cinema/DVD: Cinema

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