Friday, 25 April 2014


Like a lame updating of Diary of a country priest this movie is mostly bad! A priest gets verbally and physically abused by his parishioners in Sligo. Most of the scenes have no connection to each other, there are lots of unnecessary parts, and none of the characters are likeable. Everyone appears a bit too sharp and it gets tedious seeing a nice man suffer! It's almost as subtle as Tiger's tail in criticising Irish society. Gleeson receives a death threat and decides to figure out who it was from. Of course, you will recognise who very early when you hear the different accents. Why does Gleeson's character keep interacting with these people when they don't like him? Gillen seems to be copying that eejit from Hardy Bucks? This is the kind of movie that gets good reviews but it's mostly awful and misguided. In a few years this church bashing past time will appear out of date, and so will this movie! Best scene was the walk with the little girl and her father then shouting at Gleeson.

Title: Calvary
Genre: Religion
New/old: New
Cinema/DVD: Cinema

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