Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Life's a breeze

If there's one genre even worse than the Irish horror movie it's the Film Board comedy. From Wide open spaces to Happy ever afters there is about 3% comedy and 97% crap in these movies. Now this latest effort is the same as the others. The usual faces, boring storyline, overdone soundtrack music, unfunny dialogue, confusing emotions, dull cinematography, short scenes (including the obligatory dole office one), and a sense of not caring what happens. Even better, the director already used the idea of an old person hiding money under the bed in his Halo effect. Everything that's wrong with Irish cinema involving all the 'right people' is here! That new teenage actress can't act, the characters argue with each other, none are likeable, and the movie runs out of steam after about an hour. There's not even one scene that sparks to life or makes you sit up and take notice. Bland rubbish made by bland people.

Title: Life's a breeze
Genre: Light-family drama
New/old: New
Cinema/DVD: Cinema

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