Wednesday, 2 January 2013


It's a new year so what will 2013 bring? Here are some projected facts for the next twelve months:

What Richard did to clean up at the IFTAs. Can see the director receiving a standing ovation at those awards for this crummy movie.

Charlie Casanova director will never make another movie. After all the chaos from last year no-one will work with this tool.

Graham Cantwell's new film will not get released. Because it looks sh-t and he's a sh-t director.

The IFB backlog will get worse. There are lots of recent films that no-one's see (e.g. Love and savagery). They went wild a few years back funding everything and these titles are now forgotten.

Once again the Film Board will get its budget cut.

More film 'talent' will leave the country. Yes, more of our budding actresses and directors will try their luck elsewhere. Don't come back!

More film folk will move into television. That's where all the money and audience is anyway. Irish TV is leading the way these days and our cinema is falling behind.

There will be yet another Irish horror film released.

A new Irish feature film to get released and a big fuss made because the director is female.

This blog to get one more follower.

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