Sunday, 21 October 2012


Similar in style to Steamin' and dreamin' this is another spoof movie where real people interact with actors. This time it's a wannabe TD who campaigns against those alarms that remove teenagers from outside shops. Fast-paced and very funny though the ending is a let down. The male actors all resemble the rapper Scroobius Pip with the heavy beards and baseball caps. Appearances from Enda Kenny, Vincent Browne, and Joe Duffy. Highlights include the heckling of Kenny, the microwave door falling off, the Toastmasters talk about chocolate and cheese, and the door-to-door canvassing. This low-budget movie uses several copyrighted pop tunes so this might prevent a wider release? The first Irish feature with THREE directors! The big problem with this impressive film is that it resembles stuff on Network 2 television e.g. Hardy Bucks.

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