Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Maybe not hacked but someone has set up a site with the same name using the ORG extension. Here's what's on the main page (shame the hacker doesn't know the difference between the words who's and whose): Given that banal politicians like to throw around cute meaningless sentences that sound as if they have been lifted from The Daily Mail, like "Austerity Measures" lets work together to save 20 million a year. I work for The Irish Film Board however Work is the wrong word I talk shit for The Irish Film Board. Maybe I am a fool putting up a website to try and close down The Irish Film Board as I work here. Frankly I do not need the job and I am disgusted that The Government waste 20 Million Euro a year when children are going to bed hungry. It would be nice if Ireland had a film Industry. It would also be nice if we could move Ireland to somewhere in The South Pacific so it would be warm all the year round. I also suggest it would be nice if we had an Irish Space Station. It would also be nice if we had a Taoiseach that was a decent man and knew what he was talking about rather than that Bland Buffoon Kenny who's education runs out after teaching spotty faced kids Algebraic Fractions. I expect Mary Harney's husband thinks it would be nice if he could run faster when she demands sex. I personally think it would be nice if Mr Aston Martin gave me a car and Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss demanded that I do "THINGS" with them. It would be nice if my cat Dr Jurgen Von Bumsenspiegel could sing O Mio Babbino Caro There are many things in this world that would be "NICE" that will never be. One nice thing that could be built for a poxy 20k a children's playground near where I live as children play near cars and that is dangerous. 20K to make children safe and happy or 20 Million so a bunch of wanna be's at The Irish Film Board can verbally jerk each other off daily?. However much we would like to have a film industry in Ireland we will never have one just like we will never have a space program. Russia makes great Vodka but awful cars they have learned to live with that I suggest we do the same. The 20 million euro The Government throw at The Irish Board every year is a waste of money it may as well be thrown in the ocean. Better yet it could be used to help children that are living below the poverty line in Ireland. Frankly The Irish Film Board is a Mutual Masturbation Society for Would be's if they could be's. Every day we come into the office and talk shit as children are living in poverty in Ireland. We even have an office in Los Angeles and we pay a guy to talk shit and get laid. The Irish Film Board is such an utter waste of money. Please write to your TD and ask them to shut down funding for The Irish Film Board and register your disgust that 20 million a year is wasted and would be better spent aiding children living in poverty in Ireland. You can find the contact details of your TD on www.oireachtas.ie If You would like to make your voice heard in the media contact Kevin O'Sullivan Junior Reporter Cub at The Irish Times KOSULLIVAN@IRISHTIMES.COM If You would like to make your voice heard in Broadcast News try this Overpaid Drunken Buffoon Bryan Dobson BRYAN.DOBSON@RTE.IE If you would like to make your voice heard in Amateur Hour Talk Radio contact The Chief Executive Yokel at Newstalk Frank Cronin. FRANK@NEWSTALK.IE You can also contact The Minister of Culture Dinny McGinley DINNY.MCGINLEY@OIREACHTAS.IE However I expect he is very busy telling his staff how important he is. I can be reached via Email at CEO@IRISHFILMBOARD.ORG

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