Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Got that adapted title from a letter to the Irish Times last month where someone (from an older post) complained about the crap plays at the recent Dublin Theatre Fringe Festival. So what's happening with Irish cinema lately? A posh rugby guy kills someone (What Richard did), three lads in 1987 visit Ballybunion (My brothers), a spy tries to discover an enemy agent (Ek tha tiger), a woman becomes an IRA grass (Shadow dancer), silly monsters attack locals in Donegal (Grabbers), a documentary crew follows an Irish girl around New York (Kiss for Jed), a woman pretends to be man (Albert Nobbs), a goth tracks down a Nazi war criminal (This must be the place), a woman out sleepwalking finds a dead body (Other side of sleep), a priest sets up a cinema (Stella days), and a woman is targeted by assassins (Haywire). Most of these films could have been made in Ireland ten years ago! We're in a recession yet no-one can make stuff about our economic crisis? Just like the Dublin Theatre Fringe Festival Irish cinema is out of touch and out of date. People losing their jobs, emigrating, attempting suicide, homes repossessed , marriages breaking down, getting hassle from banks yet NOT ONE IRISH FILMMAKER CAN MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT ANY OF THIS? Where's the anger in Irish cinema? It should be up there on screen, not when the film ends and the audience realise they've sat through another crap and pointless Irish movie!

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  1. Hard to disagree - Irish cinema produces one truly relevant film at most every two or three years - not a great score. The Pipe is the only film I've seen in the last five years that accurately portrays an important aspect of contemporary Ireland.



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