Monday, 9 April 2012


Back in the 1990s most Irish movies were set four decades earlier in the middle of the last century. Now in 2012 we should be up to the 1970s for Irish movies? So where are these titles? The 1970s was a great decade for stories. Strange that when the Film Board restarted they were obsessed with older eras. Surely we should be making movies set in the 1970s by now? Some older examples include Killing Bono, 32A, Last of the high kings, Turning green, Last bus home, and In the name of the father. Plenty of scope for more titles? How about a movie on the Miami Showband massacre? Or the kidnapping of Dr Tiede Herrema? Or the story of Irish women's liberation movement from that decade? Seems the 1970s were too violent and angry for Irish cinema to tackle? That's why we're still making dire stuff set in the 1950s like Stella Days.

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  1. Plans are afoot for a movie telling the story of The Miami Showband, three of whose members were murdered by a loyalist counter-gang as they returned home from a gig in Banbridge, Co. Down, thirty-five years ago today. The movie will be based on the book by bass-guitarist Stephen Travers, who surivived the massacre despite being seriously wounded.



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