Friday, 3 September 2010


If there's one kind of Irish movie that's bound to fail it's the genre picture. A failure both commercially and artistically. It's not difficult to see why either. From screwball comedies (Happy ever afters), sports (Studs), criminals (Perrier's bounty), romance (Trouble with sex), boxing (Strength and honour), zombies (Boy eats girl) and countless others these titles sound bad before they even get released. Copying the Brits/Yanks, overconfidence, inability to make anything different, inability to 'improve' on the genre, lazy and clich├ęd filmmaking, cookie-cutter scripts, and bad casting. Films made by people who don't fully understand the rules of what makes these genres work in the first place. A more interesting way to make good genre cinema is to find Irish directors who are not afraid to try something different. Surely an Irish movie about hurling would make an interesting sports movie? It would certainly stand out internationally. How about another Clash of the ash?

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