Thursday, 16 September 2010


It's not all bad! Believe it or not there are some good things coming out for our film industry.

Ivan Kavanagh
At least one filmmaker has it sussed. Make your own personal features, build up a back catalogue, and forget about literary adaptations or famous actors.

The recession
We've supposed to be officially out of it now but this economic downturn will last years. That means more low-budget, gritty filmmaking (hopefully!).

For such a small country there are lot of books available on Irish cinema. Some are really good e.g. Terry Byrne's Power in the Eye is well worth a read.

Low-budget Irish films getting a cinema release
W.C., 8.5 hours, Trafficked, and Situations vacant have all got screened recently in the commercial cinemas. Yes, I know they weren't great but at least it's a start.

No more Celtic Tiger movies
Great, great, and great! No more films of twenty-somethings sipping latt├ęs with samba music playing on the soundtrack. Never again! No more cosmopolitan, sexy, cappuccino Irish cinema. That goodness for that.

Irish Film Board is fu*ked!
With the UK Film Council closing it's only a matter of time the IFB goes the same way. Either that or they'll have some explaining to do for funding dross like Perrier's bounty? Hopefully commercial movies like this will no longer receive state funding. Roll on the next budget please!

More Dublin cinemas
With the Lighthouse and Swan opening recently that means more screens for new Irish movies to get shown.

Several rare Irish-themed movies have gotten a DVD release recently (Fantasist, Lonely passion of Judith Hearne). Hopefully others will follow soon e.g. I went down?

It's a new decade!
A great time to start the next chapter in Irish cinema. Let's turn our back on crap horror movies and romantic comedies. No more Dorothy mills or Happy ever afters please! Let's put moving pictures to what we're currently going through in this country. More stuff like Pigs and Paveen Lackeen?

This blog!
The world's best (only?) web log on Irish cinema.

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