Saturday, 11 September 2010


Well that was €7 well spent. Not an Irish movie but Soul Boy really was rubbish. In a sense that the best scenes seemed to have been taken from an old documentary! In a sense that even the songs used on the soundtrack weren't the best ones to select. In a sense that the story was trite - a young guy falls for a girl, follows her to the Wigan Casino, gets hooked on the scene (drugs and music), gets taught to dance by an admirer, then falls for this second girl after a dance off with the first girl's thuggish boyfriend. In a sense that it's so forced (a bus has a sign saying 'York' so we get a close up of this just to hammer this point). Oh yeah, there's a silly sub-plot about Pat Shortt's Irish character. The director was promising that this movie would be like Saturday Night Fever meets This is England. The only problem is Marcus is about as talented as Paddy Breathnach (remember the similar Blow dry?). Even worse than Headrush. Anyone who has paid to see Soul boy (it's on in ONE Dublin cinema)? Well Eddie Hobbs has a new TV consumer show and is looking for written complaints.

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