Wednesday, 12 May 2010


If there's one genre everyone loves it's horror. Maybe not everyone but there's certainly a market for it. So, it's been a mystery for a long time now why there is no great Irish horror film?

Some Irish directors have made decent foreign attempts such as Frankenstein meets the Wolfman and Company of wolves. But a good homegrown horror has yet to arrive. There are some possible reasons:

Hacks working in the genre
Stand up Boy eats girl! Complete sh*t in every sense of the word. Copying the Yanks and using even non-Irish names. Pointless crap. Like westerns the best horror stuff is made by people who work mainly in this genre.

Lack of support
Right, you want to make a film based on an acclaimed play of two brothers in '50s Ireland who fall for the local vicar's daughter? You also want to make another film about a contagious disease breaking out on a ghost estate among non-nationals? Which film will get funded easier? Correct, it won't be the horror one!

No originality
Copying other horror movies might do well at the local multiplex but won't stand out among the hundreds of other similar titles. Hear that Shrooms!

Too late now?
Although Le Fanu and Stoker were famous Irish vampire writers it's a bit late in the day to be making an Irish horror movie in this sub-genre because they are already thousands of titles made overseas.

Timid rubbish that doesn't shock, scare, or upset. Most Irish horror films are too tame. Most Irish horror films are not flamboyant enough!

Conservative culture
In a country where Joe Duffy is only a phone call away, horror filmmakers are not prepared to shock, cause controversy, or upset.

Education system
Colleges produce well-rounded people who are not capable of producing anything original in the horror genre.


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