Sunday, 16 May 2010


If there is one thing which will NEVER happen in Ireland it's a sustainable film industry. However for some reason people buy into the idea that eventually Irish films will become profitable at the box office. Sure, we will always have something like Once every few years but these titles happen more by accident. You can't replicate these movies on a regular basis.

So it's good to see in today's Sunday Independent newspaper that electricians are getting paid €4,000 per week on Irish film sets! What the fu*k is that about! This is not Hollywood. It's not even Bollywood. No wonder Irish movies are so sh*te when trades are getting paid so much on set. This is more than most directors here earn! The system setup here is just wrong. No wonder so much expensive crap gets made here. Stuff that has a high budget but looks cheaper. Honestly , if most Irish movies were a box-office success then pay these high union rates but they are not. So, well done to the unions for this sh*te. Now I understand why so many Irish feature films resemble TV movies.


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