Monday, 10 May 2010

Perrier's bounty

What is this shi*e? It's 1998 all over again and filmmakers are scrambling to make another Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Of course in Ireland we have to wait a decade until this happens. When it's old hat overseas we think it's cutting edge here. No doubt the script appeared great and fresh (just like Headrush!) and they all thought they were on to something good. Shame on the Irish Film Board for funding this crap. Maybe they got slack for not funding In Bruges? The absolute worst scene here was when they walk away from the car and you know it's going to explode. Look at the blank faces on the cast in this scene. Says it all. What's the point? We can make these kind of movie ten years on? It's the kind of movie that receives acclaim from people who think they're film buffs because they own a Scorcese or Tarantino box set! So what? How the fu*k does the director get to make this crap (his other stuff is just as bad)?


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