Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ash Wednesday

One neglected aspect of Irish cinema is the recent American contribution. Little notice is given to a small number of similar titles (Ash Wednesday, Turning green, Black Irish): respect for religion and tradition; characters use their full first names (Patrick, Francis); washed out colours; different age groups interacting; violent criminals; and impressive soundtrack music. Anyone who has seen The Yards will understand what I mean. Ash Wednesday is about a guy thought dead except he's hiding out from criminals. His brother (director Burns) has to defend him. Some famous faces appear in small roles, it's set mainly in a bar, there's a strange interaction between American-Irish and native Irish people, and the music is impressive (loved the way it stopped for the dialogue and then started again). Really considered a straight-to-DVD film Ash Wednesday is the kind of film the Irish Film Board should be funding!


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