Friday, 30 April 2010


If there's one recent Irish movie that everyone agreed was complete sh*te it was Zonad. However it's been reported* that the film is getting rave reviews at the Tribeca Film Festival. What's going on? Is Zonad better than we thought? Do the foreign cineastes see something in this low-budget (€800,000) movie that the average Irish person has missed? They want the film to be a sleeper hit - one that builds by word of mouth. Will this happen? Is Zonad destined for future cult status. Can the director of Once do no wrong? Do they find the sight of a guy urinating on another man who's tied to a tree hilarious? Or is it just all the usual festival hype? Only time will tell but I for one will never change my opinion on this atrocious movie.
*Evening Herald, 30-4-2010

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