Friday, 16 April 2010


If Irish cinema is a bucket of coal then there will be one or two diamonds in that bucket! Kisses might well be a diamond. It's not as good as expected but still impressive. Much better than the director's previous effort The Halo Effect. It's the kind of movie that should have been made here back in the '90s. But back then the kids would have travelled to the city centre on white horses while the camera tried to get a few tourist-enticing footage from the Dublin mountains - with a Hot House Flowers song on the soundtrack! Thankfully that's all gone now. The best parts of the movie were the non-dialogue scenes with the atmospheric music on the soundtrack. It starts off in black and white and moves to colour. Though this was a bit silly. The two kids are not as good actors as made out. They travel into the city to find a missing relative. They stay overnight and sleep rough. It's one of the best Irish movies of the 2000s. But that wouldn't be difficult.

Master of the world

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