Tuesday, 27 April 2010

High spirits

My, oh my, does anyone remember this movie? It was Neil Jordan's effort to crack the Hollywood market but was ruined by bad editing. The movie is so badly put together that a lot of it makes no sense. Before we get to know the characters the action starts. You just don't care. Reckon there must has been lots of American tourists who wanted to stay in that castle er movie set. Interesting how the stars have all faded over the last two decades. Back then they were major box office attractions. There are ghosts and scary bits - it's more of a silly kids' movie but aimed at adults. Many scene contradict each other e.g. the ghosts can be passed through but later they can be danced with. Thought the music score was really good but it belonged in a better movie.

Master of the world

Dated movie from the 1960s with Vincent Price trying to stop wars around the world. He uses an airship to attack from the sky. A group of ...