Saturday, 24 April 2010

Five minutes of heaven

Yet another movie about the troubles this one is a TV film. That explains why the Irish Film Board gave it funding! How many films from the Republic are funded by Northern Ireland Screen? No cinema release but it's come out on DVD quickly enough. Starts off in the mid-'70s where a Loyalist murders a Catholic. The deceased's younger brother is a witness. Three decades later the killer and the witness meet up for a TV interview. Except they don't. That's the movie. Nothing much to recommend. Thought it interesting that whenever one of the TV crew screwed up the producer apologised to the men. How nice the TV crew were compared to Nesbit's intentions! Neeson and Nesbit are not great actors and their limitations show up here. Then there's a silly scene where they fight and fall out of a window only to get up and start arguing! Good song on the end credits.

Master of the world

Dated movie from the 1960s with Vincent Price trying to stop wars around the world. He uses an airship to attack from the sky. A group of ...