Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Daisy chain

Right, who's idea was it to get a woman to direct a horror film? Only in Ireland! Yet another scary-child movie this one is set in the West. As expected it's all dull cinematography, fast editing, not one bit scary, silly premise, nothing much happens, and the ending is confusing. Did I expect anything else? Not in this country. The best horror films are usually made by directors who work exclusively in this genre. But in little old Ireland we have jobbing directors switching between genres and producing insipid work. There wasn't even a daisy-chain sex scene! Really sad that this stuff gets made here (there are lots more Irish horror movies on the way). We've a nation of bland imitators - sad but true.

Master of the world

Dated movie from the 1960s with Vincent Price trying to stop wars around the world. He uses an airship to attack from the sky. A group of ...