Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Borstal boy

Not Butcher Boy, this one came out a few years later. It's set in the 1940s and is a Brendan Behan bio about his life in jail for terrorist activities. He's in the Official IRA and meets gay Dyer. There's a rugby match, a sexy warden's daughter, an escape attempt, a tragic explosion on a beach, and a play by Oscar Wilde. There's lots of Irish identity scenes (yawn!) and the movie is OK. Not geat, not terrible. The way you'd expect most Irish movies to be like. The kind of movie that got made a few decades late. Imagine this movie done in the style of This Sporting Life? That would have been a great movie.

Master of the world

Dated movie from the 1960s with Vincent Price trying to stop wars around the world. He uses an airship to attack from the sky. A group of ...